Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Random thoughts

A month has passed since I last blogged. So what happened.

One big change that happened is I got a new Laptop (A Pentium Mobile, since I finally gave up on the wait for 64 bit AMD laptop). Second is the gradual shift from Fedora to Debian.

It has been years since I am using Redhat. I am a late entrant, I guess the first one I used was RH 5.x. Then I have routinely loaded every release and upgraded to the next one.

I still have Fedora Core 2/ RHEL 3 and Fedora core 3 on my PCs (Lucky enough to have 4 desktops and 1 laptop for personal use). But my primary distro at work is Ubuntu, and at home a combination of Fedora Core 2 and Mepis. So these are all the OS I have installed on my personal computers.

Win XP Pro (office desktop1) -> Don't remeber when it last ran, or even if it runs now. Just an entry in grub menu.
RHEL (office desktop 1) -> Not used since I installed Ubuntu
Ubuntu (office desktop 1)
Win XP Home (on laptop) -> Used sometimes
Mepis (on laptop) -> used frequently
Solaris 10 (64bit AMD- Office desk 2)
Solaris 10 (32 bit Intel- Home desk2)
Fedora 3 (Home desk 2)
WinXP (Home desk 2) -> for others in the family
FreeBSD (Home desk1)
Fedora Core 2 (Home desk1)

And at the top of this, my current weeks interest is virtualization, so I sometimes run Debian on UML and FreeBSD on Qemu.

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