Friday, October 29, 2004

Stallman is Fed up

Ecol Posted by Hello

You bet he is, with this kind of strips doing the round.

Now I like Dilbert, and could sometimes make some sense out of User Friendly, but Ecol (originally spanish, now translated to English) is just superb. I just subscribed it on my gmail account, and I am going to see if it could be printed by one of the local Linux magzines published here. I hope Ecol is GPL too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Slashdot is carrying a story on Gambas, a Visual Basic kind of a RAD for Linux. It has entered Release Candidate Phase, and I am dying to test it out. Its altogather a different matter that I don't know VB & have never been comfortable with the idea of a RAD. My younger brother knows VB well, and I am sure he is going to like it. One big difference is that the BASIC code is compiled into bytecode, before being interpreted.

And more than anything else, the screenshots feature terrific wallpapers (spoofs on the original Windows XP wallpaper). See this , for an example :- If you know where I can get the wallpapers, do post the link here.

I have a tough decision to make today, and I have almost made up my mind. If you had to choose between doing the work you love to do & job security/brand name, what would you choose ? It would be rather obvious choice for most, but I don't have the benefit of retrospect to say so.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

First Blood

Its time to post the first bits. Time to decide what all is going to appear on this blog.

Many a times have I tried maintaining a journal, with not so spectacular results. I have been thinking of having a blog since quite some time, & actually created a PhoneLog . When the initial charm of my camera phone subsided, and the realisation dawned that neither of those whom I know are going to adopt GPRS/MMS any time soon, I stopped posting.
Let me see how far do I go with blogging.

What I intend to post (& solicit comments on), are my views (however flawed), of the Tech World, software in particular. Disgressions on my other interests, gadgets (cellphones, divx player & the like) are allowed, every once in a while.

I know this sounds boring, but didn't the title warned you !!