Saturday, April 03, 2010

Chat bot

For long, I have been toying with the idea of writing a chat bot for google and yahoo. I finally got around to doing that last weekend, and it proved to be much simpler than I had estimated. I

I connected the bot to Eliza (an AI program that simulates a therapist), and had it login as me on gtalk and talk to my friends and acquaintances in the contact list. The AI was pretty basic, but the conversations made for a very interesting reading. Not as good as the one at the top of this post though.

To all the unsuspecting victims in my contact list - I apologize. I was planning to use this as a Fools day prank, and then post the conversations here, but the novelty wore of much before the 1st of April, during the testing stage, and I dropped the idea. In any case, most of my Fools day prank have a reputation of being taken too seriously, creating unintended consequences. Most people I know in real life don't quite appreciate the kind of humor I like.

In any case, when I ever get the impulse to finish this project, I am going to modify it so that it could be used for logging in on Yahoo/MSN, and then create an AI that has a personality more like mine (and less like a therapist).

TODO: I am going to expand this post with a brief tutorial on how I did it for gtalk.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ziddi, Still waiting for the details :).

Qasim Zaidi said...

Looks like you have a victim in mind. I never got around to posting the details earlier (upgraded my mac, and all the scripts are still on the old one). Once I get back to Delhi, I will make sure they are on the blog.