Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Zen and the art of iCal sync

It appears that the creative zen vision supports the ics format for storing events and tasks, which is version 2.0 of the vCalendar format. This is good news, since I can now sync my google and iCal calendars to the player, without the need to boot into Windows. All that is needed is
  1. Export the ics file from the application (iCal, Mozilla or Google Calendar)
  2. Send the ics to the zen using mtp-sendfile
    $mtp-sendfile ~/Home.ics Home.ics (The second argument is destination filename)
Thats it. Events and tasks would appear in Zen. I even wrote an appleScript to automate this, which i would soon be posting here.


miles said...

where did you get mtp-sendfile?

Qasim Zaidi said...

Well, I compiled the libmtp package. If you want, I can post the binaries for Intel.

This would of course, take a little time, as my Mac hdd crashed sometime back,so I need to reinstall the libmtp source and compile again.