Tuesday, October 26, 2004

First Blood

Its time to post the first bits. Time to decide what all is going to appear on this blog.

Many a times have I tried maintaining a journal, with not so spectacular results. I have been thinking of having a blog since quite some time, & actually created a PhoneLog . When the initial charm of my camera phone subsided, and the realisation dawned that neither of those whom I know are going to adopt GPRS/MMS any time soon, I stopped posting.
Let me see how far do I go with blogging.

What I intend to post (& solicit comments on), are my views (however flawed), of the Tech World, software in particular. Disgressions on my other interests, gadgets (cellphones, divx player & the like) are allowed, every once in a while.

I know this sounds boring, but didn't the title warned you !!

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